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Jiangsu Tangchen Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in Xiashu Town, Jurong City, Jiangsu Province in January 2011, with a total investment of 500 million yuan and a registered capital of 25 million yuan. It covers an area of about 200 acres and a workshop area of 43,000 square meters. , Equipped with advanced production equipment such as gantry milling machine, gantry planer, hydraulic bending machine, floor lathe, plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, etc., with strong production capacity. At present, the company has about 300 employees, including about 200 production employees and more than 20 professional mechanical designers, with strong independent R&D and design capabilities.

The company has perfected system solutions in the industry, and its main business operations are:
R&D, design, optimization and transformation of concrete product production lines such as pipe piles and electric polesTangchen Machinery is a domestic manufacturer that designs and transforms pipe piles, poles and other pre-concrete production lines, such as straight lines, loop lines, pumping lines, etc., according to the customer's plan and production needs.

Manufacturing of supporting equipment, accessories and molds for concrete product production lines such as pipe piles and electric poles.

1. Pipe pile production equipment: centrifuge, pipe mould spreader, chain conveyor, tensioning machine, hoist, automatic piercing machine, pressing machine, shearing machine, riveting machine, stone washing machine, sand screening machine, Belt conveyor, metering flat car, steaming trolley, etc.;

2. Electric pole production equipment: feeder, centrifuge, tensioner, heading device, looping machine, steel frame winding machine, etc.;

3. Concrete pre-product molds: pipe pile steel mold, hollow square pile steel mold, solid square pile steel mold, electric pole mold, wall plate mold, staircase mold, slope protection mold, stand mold, electric box mold, drainage culvert pipe mold, etc.;

4. Non-standard equipment accessories: various specifications of prefabricated columns tensioning five-piece set, tensioning seven-piece set, pile connector, centrifuge accessories, etc.


Technical Service
A professional technical team and service team are established to provide customers with one-stop after-sales installation services, technical consulting services, employee training services and other related technical services.


Tangchen Machinery has always been committed to reducing labor intensity, improving the production environment, optimizing production processes, improving production efficiency, solving production problems, and creating higher value for customers.


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    Take responsibility as your responsibility and achieve development in a win-win situation

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    Take culture as the core to achieve the great future of Tangchen

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